Zombies ahead main

“We gotta get out of the city man, there are too many of them here.”

“I know, but where would we even go?”

“I remember hearing something about the CDC setting up an emergency treatment and evacuation point at Northwestern Memorial, but that’s right in the middle of it all.”

“Well, we could check it out, but that last emergency message on the radio said people should evacuate to someplace called Rock Island Arsenal.”

“Do you even know where the fuck ‘Rock Island Arsenal’ is?”

“No… Shit, never realize how much you depend on google until you can’t use it.”

“Alright, we head to Northwestern Memorial then. We spot a quiet shop that might have a phonebook and a map we pick it up on the way, then we get in the car and floor it till we get there. It’s that or we die here in this apartment. Let’s go.”

“Don’t forget your mask man.”

“Nah man, no worries for me, I’m one of the… one of the lucky ones…”

Dead City

ashromm Batu Tremus